Posted by: wendyquest | January 6, 2011

Firefighters – Equipment – Ladders

Firefighters use a variety of tools and equipment to perform their jobs. Besides their uniform and the fire engine they ride in, the most common symbol for a firefighter is a tall ladder. But they also utilize other types of ladders depending on the situation.

The most common ladders are the following:

Combination Ladder

Combination Ladders – usually called A-frame ladders, fold into an a-shape and can be as tall as 14 ft. The biggest issue for these ladders is height and having enough space at the base to extend it. Plus, they are heavy.

Extension Ladder

Extension Ladders – the firefighter uses a rope called a halyard to pull the top piece into place. These ladders lean against buildings or walls and can be as long as 50 feet. Usually 2 people are needed – someone to hold the ladder steady at the bottom and another person to climb to the top.

Hook Ladder

Hook or Roof Ladder – the hook allows the ladder to stabilize at the top. Firefighters can be on the roof ventilating or letting the smoke escape.

Pompier Ladder

Pompier ladder or Scaling ladder – fancy single beam ladders with a hook at the top and runs that extend out.

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