Posted by: wendyquest | January 14, 2011

Firefighters – Rescue Services

Not only do Firefighters put out fires but they also provide rescue services, such as freeing a trapped person from a car involved in an accident. For this article, we will look at some of the things involved in saving someone from a horrendous accident.

The time between the accident and getting the victim to the hospital is called the “Golden Hour”. When the Ambulance comes, they perform a lot of functions on the victim before they even reach the hospital because the seconds are ticking. Before the ambulance comes, if the firefighter is EMT-trained, they may try to access the situation, help the victim as much as they can, and inform the ambulance/EMT crew when they arrive what is going on.

Tools that firefighters used to use crowbars and tracksaws to rescue people trapped in cars, but it would take at least 40 minutes (or longer) to make any progress with these hand-powered tools. Smaller fire departments might still utilize these.

Newer tools include Hydraulic rescue tools and the infamous Jaws of Life. They are more portable and work super-fast.

The Jaws of Life have 3 components:
o The cutter – HP generator (built in) (22000 lbs of cutting power). In 2 minutes, the car roof is off
o Spreader – 16000 lbs of spreading force; 45 seconds the door is open
o Ram tool (hydraulic ram)

Information gathered from the Science Channel’s show How Do They Do It – “Rescue Services, Rotating Boat, and Parachutist”

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