Posted by: wendyquest | February 8, 2011

Love and Myths – The Goddess Venus

When we talk about love and myth, we must look all the way back to ancient Rome to the Goddess Venus. A lot of people confuse Venus with Aphrodite, but Aphrodite is actually a Greek Goddess with her own myth, although the two overlap and have similarities.

Originally, Venus was the Goddess of Fertility and was worshipped every Spring to increase crop yields. Eventually as the Grecian influence spread into Roman culture, so did Aphrodite’s characteristics of human love and beauty into Venus.
In ancient cultures, the worshippers would erect temples in honor of their gods and goddesses. For Venus it was no different. Here is a photograph of the temple erected in Rome which was recently re-opened after 26 years of renovation.

Venus had many lovers – both human and immortal. Two welll-known lovers included Mars (the God of War) and Vulcan (the God of Fire/Volcanoes). She also had several children but wasn’t particular maternal.

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