Posted by: wendyquest | April 6, 2011

Cattle Ranching – Last American Cowboy Show

Animal Planet has an excellent show called “Last American Cowboy” that depicts the actual lives of three present-day ranching families out in Montana. The show has been a real eye-opener in terms of all the tasks these cowboys must perform no matter the weather outside. And since I’m a real baby when it comes to cold weather, I know I could never ride out in minus 13 degrees to help drop bales of hay out in the snow. Yikes! Not to mention the storms, the threat of forest fires, and the dieases and deaths they face. It’s not the glorious Cowboy life we all dream about, which makes this show so fascinating. You have to admire their persistence and determination to keep going.

The Hughes Ranch is (shockingly) the smallest at just over 12,000 acres with 500 head of Angus cows in a beautiful mountainous valley. It is run solely by Scott and Stacey Hughes. There are moments when Scott is trying to feed the cows in the middle of a blizzard all by himself that your heart just goes out to him. That’s got to be a harsh life.

The Gault Ranch is over 100,000 acres with 5,500 head of cattle and is a well-run enterprise that uses modern technology including riding ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) to herd the cows as opposed to riding horseback. It is interesting to watch modern-day methods being used for an old-fashioned business.

The more modest Stucky Ranch has been run by couple Glenna and Earl Stucky for the last 30 years using more old-fashioned methods (like horses).

Check out some video clips, information about the ranches, and details about the show, click here:
Last American Cowboy


  1. Very interesting, Wendy. Love those cowboys past and present.

  2. I loved Last American Cowboy and can’t wait for June and the new shows. Though I’m a farm girl, had the same reaction as you did. Having to cover plants in the cold is nothing like having to care for an animal in bad weather.

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