Posted by: wendyquest | April 19, 2011

Cattle Ranching – Annual Tasks


Throughout the year, there are some basic events that take place out on the beef cattle ranch which I want to highlight for us greenhorns. There are certain periods of activities mostly depending on the weather conditions. Of course, different locations have different time tables depending on seasons.

Tasks the cowboys perform:

April = Spring; Calving season starts (baby cows are born); doctoring calves; helping with births; mending fences; moving and pairing cows

May = Busy time of branding and working new calves; moving bulls among different pasteurs

June = Maintenance Mode of the ranch; moving cattle to new grass; Rodeos;

July = Doctoring cattle; moving cattle from range to new fresh grass range; Summer is haying season (to prepare for winter)

August = Riding and working cattle;

September = Busy month; starting gathering cattle closer to corrals; moving calves to winter yards; sorting pairs and yearlings, vaccinating and weaning calves

October = Main gathering month; continue gathering cows (who might be wandering the pasteurs) and sorting; pregnancy tests given to other females; bringing cows to winter pastures closer to the ranch

November = Moving cows to their winter homes; some are sent to feedlots

November – April = Winter; busy keeping cows alive

Lonesome Spur
71 Ranch

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