Posted by: wendyquest | September 16, 2011

Raising Chickens – What is a chicken?

What is a chicken?

A chicken, or fowl, is a bird that is raised for food or entertainment. People eat the meat of the bird or the eggs. Some cultures eat every part, even the legs. Other cultures only eat the breast meat (which you can find in the grocery labelled as “all-white meat”).

A baby chicken is a chick.

A female chicken is a hen. Someone once asked me if a guinea hen is the same thing and it is not – it’s a different species and they really look different.

A male chicken is called a cockerel until it’s first birthday, then it’s called a cock or rooster. A capon is a young castrated male (less than one year). Processed chickens usually don’t see their seventh month birthdays. The adult male has a red comb.

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