Posted by: wendyquest | March 28, 2012

Famous Ranches – JA Ranch, Texas

JA Ranch – Texas

The oldest ranch in the Texas Panhandle region with an interesting and rich history beginning with Cornelia Wadsworth who married Irishman John Adair who had the spirit necessary to surivive the Wild West. Admist their western adventures, they met Charles Goodnight who directed them to Palo Duro Canyon. Adair and Goodnight formed a partnership to raise cattle in this area. The brand became JA after John Adair. Initially they purchased shorthorn bulls (1881) but switched to more durable Hereford cows (1883). At the highest point, the ranch was over 1.3 million acres and the herd over 100,000. John passed away in 1885, leaving Cornelia to take over running the operation. The Goodnight-Adair partnership dissolved in 1887. Mrs. Adair died in 1921. Montie Ritchie, her grandson, arrived at the ranch in 1931 and eventually took over the ranch. Over time, he bought/sold land and changed the herd to black Angus and Charolais bulls and through hard work and perseverance the ranch continues today run by another generation of ranch-lovers.

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