Posted by: wendyquest | September 11, 2013

Texas Travel – 29th Annual Kolache Festival – Burleson County

Exploring Texas, one cannot help but notice the large amount of Czech settlements and Kolache stands – and we’re awfully glad they settled here! If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying one of these bread-like pastries topped with fruit perserves, you’re missing out! You should also try the Klobasneks which are breads filled with sausages (sometimes also called Kolaches).



If you plan to be in Central Texas the weekend of September 14th, make your way to the 29th Annual Kolache Festival in Burleson County and you can try all these goodies!

This free event opens Saturday at 9am with the singing of the Czech National Anthem, “KDE DOMOV MUJ”. There will be Czech costume parades and lots of music including the Shiner Hobo Band and Dujka Brothers Band. Don’t miss the State Championship Kolache Bake Show Awards.

For those interested in more mechanical pursuits, there will be a Classic Car Show and an Antinque Machiney and Tractor Show.

Learn more here:
Kolache Festival
If you enjoy cooking, you can make your own kolahces with these recipes

Wiki – Kolaches
Wiki – Klobasnek


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