Posted by: wendyquest | October 16, 2013

Travel Texas – El Paso

El Paso, originally called El Paso del Norte (The Pass of the North) and also known as the Sun City, is the sixth largest city in Texas and sits on the US-Mexico border. When you arrive at the city, you can see the very poor city of Juaurez, Mexico, right across the border fence.

The area’s military base, Fort Bliss, is one of the largest in the United States stretching from Texas into New Mexico.

For the outdoor adventurers, the Franklin Mountains, the Texas Mountain Trail and McKelligon Canyon offer some excitement. Download the Map of the State Park – Tom Mays Unit

A perfect family activity is the El Paso Zoo which contains over 35 acres of animals, wildlife and activities.

Do you enjoy nature and museums? Then the University of Texas at El Paso
Centennial Museum and Gardens is a wonderful experience. The Desert Garden contains over 600 species of native plants. Download a copy of the walking Tour Map. They have a great cultural museum featuring Hispanic and Native American influences.

Prefer Historic trails? Check out the El Paso Mission Trail guide. Enjoy (Native American) Tigua performances or local concerts. Try the art walk. Or following the guide to visit San Elizario, Socorro, and Ysleta missions.

Speaking of history, the 1875 Magoffin Home is the only historic home site in El Paso and worth the visit.

For something completely off the wall, try the Cattleman’s Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch. See the set from the movie “Resurrection” or send your kids to the Fort Apache playground.

Learn more through the Visit El Paso> site.


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