Current Projects

  • Historical Novel – “The Promise” – Cassie Evans’ husband left her and his unborn child for the gold in California. His mining partner, Derek Mason, shows up at her Texas home with news of his death and a promise to help get her ranch in working order. Given her independent nature and growing distrust of men, she insists his stay is unwelcome and is only temporary. However, when the doctor puts her on bed rest, she must rely on Derek to take care of both her and her ranch. Just as she begins to fall in love with Derek and admit she needs him, she discovers the deed to her ranch in his bag. Can Derek gain her trust again and prove they are meant to be a family?
  • Contemporary Novel – “A Dictator’s Heart” – CIA agent Erica Vanderhuff is sent to Carribbean island rife with civil unrest to rescue a missing American boy but after her plane is attacked by rebels, she is invited into the world of the island’s newly appointed President, Diego Montalban, and the turmoil that he must face in order to restore the country to its former glory.

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